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Good Tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. 
Getting a tattoo is a sign of independence and many tattooed women are proud to show their independence by sharing their tattoos with the world. You should get your tattoo design from only the Amazing Tattoo Girl. Spark your imagination and start creating an amazing tattoo art piece for yourself with thousands of high-quality designs to download.
Girls can look really sexy with just the right tattoo on their ankle. Tattoos can be flirty and feminine, or tough and enticing. With the right design and placement, a tattoo can change your whole look to make you appear more exotic and beautiful. But not just any ankle tattoo is a good choice.
Here are our recommendations.
This lovely brunette´s name is Sella Heartbreaker and I´m sure she could perfectly honor her name and break my heart in to a million little pieces with that perfect tattoo she´s got. 
This is perhaps a tribute to her single of the same title, which unfortunately didn’t become as popular as she hoped it to be. And here I am thinking she had more trashy taste in tattoos. I say this is a classy choice.

When one first thinks of the famous burlesque dancer, Eve Scarllet, tattoos don't necessarily come to mind. But Eve has a little secret. She has one tattoo and it is very noticeable and out in the open. Almost no one until now knew it was a tattoo. Thank goodness for the tattoo artist she spoke to because he talked her out of that regretful tattoo and suggested she get something a little more timeless and elegant.
Eve's beauty mark tattoo is not the only tattoo she thought about getting when she was younger.

Girls not only want to have fun with their tattoos, they also used them to express themselves. A hibiscus flower on the shoulder blade perhaps, a cherry blossom tattoo on the foot or a cute butterfly on the hip; whatever art she chooses, it can definitely add to her trendy and sexy persona.


These are just some of the tattoo designs that would still look beautiful and interesting even if they are tattooed on a miniature scale. They are best when inked on small areas of the body such as foot, ankle, wrist, upper back, and even lower back and shoulder blade.

Li Han - Palais de Tokyo - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Li Han. I study Fashion in Paris.
For me Fashion is a way of Life. Today my look
has a japanese touch. I love to eat and study Fashion.
I hate to be alone in daily life. My message to the world:
Do your best ! ..."

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I wear a jacket designed by myself
Hat by H&M
All the rest of my outfit from Hong Kong
My bag is a gift from my mother
Perfume by D

Blouson Noir Girl - Paris

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Dans les années 60, les "Blousons Noirs" désignaient des "Bandes de Voyous"
qui aimaient bien se battre avec des chaînes de vélos, le soir dans les environs
de Pigalle ou de la Bastille ... Aujourd'hui, c'est un classique des garde-robes
pour les filles comme pour les garçons. Le problème est surtout de trouver
le modèle qui vous convient fait d'un cuir de bonne qualité, à un prix abordable,
quelle que soit la marque ...

Red Beret Lady - Paris

hebergeur image

The beret is a french symbol even wears by a japanese girl ...

Mlle Haruka - Palais de Tokyo - Paris

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J'ai croisé 2 fois Mlle Haruka (voir la photo ci-dessous).
Elle est étudiante en Mode et en français à la "Japan Woman University".
Ses efforts pour écrire en français sur son "Palais de chaillot" sont très touchants,
même si son style est assez particulier. J'aime le côté énigmatique
qui se dégage de certaines jeunes femmes japonaises.

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Uliana Sergienko - Les Tuileries - Paris

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Uliana Sergienko, toujours d'une élégance extrême,
est très appréciée des photographes de la Fashion Week
(quand elle est de bonne humeur).
Mes photos précédentes d'elle figurent sur des dizaines de blogs
de mode qui ne créditent jamais mes photos et ne demandent
jamais mon autorisation pour les publier. C'est vraiment

hebergeur image

Elle porte ici un superbe "Leica M7" en édition limitée
comme un accessoire de Mode ...

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Pink Umbrella Girl - Place Vendôme - Paris

hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image

The Twins - Rue de Rivoli - Paris

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J'ai croisé ces jeunes filles pendant la dernière semaine de la Mode.
Elles se sont engouffrées dans l'Hôtel Meurice. Ils me semblent qu'elles
sont originaires de Syrie. Mais je n'en suis pas sûr ...
Les jumeaux fascinent toujours les photographes avec cette mise en abîme
étrange ...

hebergeur image

Yanique - Rue Scribe - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Yanique.
I work in E-Marketing.
For me Fashion plays a huge role in Self-Expression.
Today, my look is very rushed, kind of cow-boy or
something, but not planed ...
I love Food in Paris. I just discovered "Chocolate Religieuse"
and it's now my religion ! I hate parisian people when they are not
open sometimes. My message to the world: Relax and think
about the present ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a Trench & Boots vintage.
My jeans are from Cheap Monday.
Bracelets from indian neighbourhood in Paris.
Hat from H&M men's department
Watch by Michaël Kors
Perfume by Lolita Lempicka.

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Anabelle - Pont Alexandre III - Paris

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Chic Girl - Les Tuileries - Paris

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hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image

I met this beautiful parisian girl as she was working for
"Grazia Magazine" in les Tuileries. A Kiss from Paris !

Easy Fashion Fred

Men of the Year

GQ's 2010 Men of the Year Issues is on newstands on Nov. 23. This issue honors the year's achievers, leaders, and renegades with five separate covers:


Drake (“Breakout of the Year”)

Jeff Bridges (“Icon of the Year”)

Stephen Colbert (“Patriot of the Year”),

James Franco (“Leading Man of the Year”)

Scarlett Johansson (“Babe of the Year”)


Sneak-Peek at Spider-Man the Musical in Vogue


With eye-popping sets, fierce costumes, and an electric young cast, Julie Taymor and Bono bring Spider-Man, the $60 Million rock musical, to Broadway. Vogue's contributing editor Adam Green went backstage at the Foxwoods Theatre to give readers an advance peek at the new production in the December issue on newsstands Nov. 23rd.

See the full feature HERE.

Photos Courtesy of Vogue by Annie Leibovitz.

ScarJo Is Babe of the Year


GQ has named Scarlett Johansson “Babe of the Year” as part of the 15th annual Men of the Year issue. The issue hits newsstands nationwide on Nov. 23. See more sneak-peek photos HERE.

Pamela Anderson Biography

Pamela Denise Anderson
Date of Birth:
July 1, 1967
Place of Birth:
LadySmith, British Columbia

Acha Septriasa Profil Biography Sexy Women Pop Singer Beautiful Actress Hot Foto Picture

Biodata Acha Septriasa, profil and biography sexy women pop singer hot actress Indonesia :
Full name : Jelita Septriasa
Nick name/celeb name : Acha Septriasa
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : September 01, 1989

Jelita Septriasa name or commonly known as Acha Septriasa skyrocketed when she starred in the film HEART. Ex-cover girl of 2004 foray into the world of acting through the film APA ARTINYA CINTA that appear as supporting players of Sandy Aulia. But at that time the name Acha is not so well known until comes the bids from Starvision production house to become one of the key players together Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah.

Beyond her acting career, music career daughter of couples Sagitta Ahimsha and Rita Emza is even more shiny. By bringing the movie soundtrack HEART sung with her lover at the time, Irwansyah, who also co-star in the HEART, make publicly known the name Acha.

Not only in Indonesia, a girl born 1 September 1989 are also popular in Malaysia. Even the duet songs she brought with Irwansyah like Sampai Menutup Mata, My Heart and Pecinta Wanita, occupies top list in the country radio.

February 2008, Acha left Indonesia to study in Malaysia. This, then forced her to rarely meet with Irwansyah, apart indeed the rest of her from the world entertainment.

In the end the relationship Acha and Irwansyah Acha previously always too intimate ends. The distance be a reason this pair breakup that occurred in July 2008.

Acha name became stuck on the end of 2008, for allegedly being behind the third person household confused of Pasha Ungu and Okie. Although the press conference has been conducted related to this issue, but Pasha did not argue has given a special birthday gift to Acha, even now at the hour hands of Pasha is still kept by Acha.

Back Acha into the media spotlight in early April 2009. The photos looked like her, with the appearance of sexy and slightly nudity circulated widely on the internet. But it turns out, the photo is a photo her sister, Juwita Marsha, which she is a new artist.

Lecture Acha lived in Malaysia turned out to be halted for a moment. This is because, Acha was finishing her solo album and be bound by contract to one story. Therefore, despite opposition from her parents, Acha decided daring leave from college for the sake of existence in the world of entertainment homeland.

Remove from Irwansyah, Acha is now in a relationship with a man who is not from the celebrities. However, Acha did not want to open the identity of her boyfriend who was studying in London.

Mid-August 2009, the star IN THE NAME OF LOVE this release new solo album. The album, titled KEPUTUSAN HATI is a mini album, which contains only four songs, Maunya Apa Lagi, Tentang Kita, Keputusan Hati, and Salahku Kau Selingkuh. Not just release a new album, in 2009 she also played in the movie comedy KRAZY CRAZY KREZY.

Not only the acting and singing, Acha expanded into the world of the presenter. She became a presenter DAHSYAT replace Luna Maya who was on leave.

Starting 2010, Acha opened with the release of her latest film, SSSSTT ... JADIKAN AKU SIMPANAN. Here she lined up so the main character who was accompanied by Julia Perez and Ayu Azhari.

April 2010, Acha returned reap achievement. After going through the casting, this beautiful artist managed to get a chance to appear in the latest movie Hanung Bramantyo, MENEMBUS IMPIAN. Acha will be paired with Fedi Nuril, handsome actor as Fahri starring in the hit movie of Hanung earlier, AYAT-AYAT CINTA. Acha dedicate this new role for a silver wedding anniversary of her parents.

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