Celebrity Diets - Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Lifestyle

Alicia Silverstone is a well known actress and a huge spokesperson for PETA. She's a nature and animal lover and has been featured in many of their campaigns. She is a hardcore animal rights activist and a vegan.

She's always had a strict diet and undertaken regular exercise and it shows (have you seen her in that PETA ad where she's naked in the pool!) Well...shes very toned and thin and looks great!
Her old diet consisted of steak and doughnuts (not your average celeb food). When she first became famous she was still in the habit of eating whatever she wanted without considering the fat and calorie content. She found her health and lifestyle benefited immensely when she started eating vegan foods.

Nowadays, since becoming vegan, Alicia admits that she is a fitness freak! She reveals that her veggie diet has made her feel healthier than ever before. She has gained alot of self control since becoming vegan. Most people can't even stick to a regular diet plan, let alone one that eliminates dairy, eggs, meat and all other animal byproducts.

When it comes to working out, Alicia Silverstone reveals that she loves jumping on the trampoline! She has one in the backyard of her stylish Los Angeles mansion. (She lives there with her husband Christopher Jarecki).

What does Alicia Silverstone Eat?

Soy Products such as fake cream cheese (tofutti) on multi grain bread




Rice Milk


How Does Alicia Silverstone Workout?

Mainly jumping on the trampoline but also walking and jogging.

Alicia Silverstone is a perfect example of a healthy vegan. She has a well balanced diet and has done alot of research on vegan nutrition. She gets asked alot of questions on her eating habits in interviews. People don't understand the concept of being vegan and many who try to adopt a vegan lifestyle fail.

There are hidden animal ingredients in 85% of foods. Vegetables and fruit are usually a safe bet but sometimes the insecticides used to spray them contains crushed beetles! It is very hard to convert to a vegan diet but once you get used to it you will reap the many health benefits!

Alicia Silverstone should be commended on her commitment to being a vegan. It is an extremely hard transition to go from a meat and dairy eating person to cutting everything out.

Alicia has never admitted to suffering from any form of eating disorder. Her skin glows and her smile is radiant, I believe this is due to her healthy lifestyle!

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