Aura Kasih Denied Got Hot Video Together 'Ariel'

Singer Aura Kasih touted as one of the women who also got a hot video with a man like Ariel. Aura has denied any such rumors.

"Not true. That's wrong," said Yani, Aura managers when talking, Thursday (10/06/2010).

Yani insist that there is a hot issue like Aura Kasih hot video was engineered. It was further strengthened as the news circulated.

"In fact no one," said Yani brief.

Women's full name of Sanny Aura Syahrani was once rumored near Ariel. Both are ever caught in a taxi together after attending an event. Both Ariel and Aura Kasih denied at the time of their closeness.

Rumours circulating hot videos, Aura Kasih in Bandung

Aura Kasih’s manager has denied her client ever made a hot video. While the hot video gossip continues to spread, Aura Kasih located in Bandung.

"Aura Kasih in Bandung," said Yani, manager of Aura Kasih when talking with via cell phone on Thursday (06/10/2010).

Let alone a relationship, Yani ensure that Aura Kasih doesn’t know near Ariel. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist also had long been not associated with her management.

Since the affected joint infringement case in January, Aura Kasih is rarely taking the job. Especially singer hits 'Mari Bercinta' that was not held by artist management “Millionaire”.

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