Ranking of The SNSD Members by The Surgeons

Fans Palace >>>Are you a fan of SNSD?
Did you know the eyes of his plastic surgeon who is a member of the personnel of the most high-ranking SNSD?

These are ratings given by plastic surgeons to personnel SNSD based on appearance, face, height and physical proportions:

1. Yoona to 4.7 points
2. Yuri by 4.4 points
3. Seohyun by 3.6 points
4. Sooyoung by 2.9 points
5. Jessica by 2.7 points
6. Tiffany by 2.3 points
7. Taeyeon by 2.1 points
8. Hyoyeon with 1.5 points
9. Sunny with 1.4 points

What do you think?

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