Karen Gillan Has Wild, Naked Night Worthy of 'Dr. Who'

This scene begins with Doctor Who star Karen Gillan stuck in the hallway that connects to the Ace Hotel New York. Because the pool of God with boldness assistant Amy Gillan knows something about being in tough situations, but there is a slight problem at 7 am and can not find the door, which "tries. Because it is super handy.

And oh yeah, it's really naked.

Sounds like the initial episode of fiction written by doctors and creeping mainly fan, but unfortunately for Karen Gillan, what actually happened. He and his PhD, who co-starred in a promotional trip to Manhattan and seems to be rather small Gillan abuse at a party for the crew.

Pleasant hotel guests drunken shenanigans Gillan explains:

I went to the window, and then I saw a naked woman, trying to wrap a towel around him, and not having much luck. He started moaning and knocking on my door. See that anywhere, sleep with a towel covering it.

This really sucks for him this story? I never hear the end of "Bet you wish that TARDIS!" Joke.

(Also, not a word on the carpet in accordance with the curtains I know what dirty bird you are interested in. ..)

If the rest "Karen gets Shitfaced and try to get into the wrong hotel room" fanfic played a typical episode, the door opened, and soon fell into the desire of fans to the world's largest doctor (Harold and still lives with his mother), but in reality Hotel security, which finally helped him back to his room.

BBC spokesman said the company, to "not aware of this alleged incident," but I think they should upgrade the English euphemism for rehabilitation, as well as girlfriend looks like she has a problem. I'm just saying, maybe the next event could feature a doctor sends his assistant an ideal place to relax in a country where he could get out of his ... You know, "fatigue".

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