Saw this beautiful vintage dress on a blog today and had to share, isn't it amazing....life deserves a little bit of amazing on your wedding day (dont you think)!!

Photography by Regina Relang

It's official, we're number 41

The U.S.A now has worse infant mortality rates than 40 other countries,
including Cuba and Poland, and is just about tied with Qatar,
Croatia and the United Arab Emirates

And Here's the Rub

The CEOs of 25 U.S. corporations, including GE, Ford, Boeing and
Verizon, were paid more in 2010 than their company
paid in corporate income taxes.

God Bless America!!

Council Tax Update

And so the Council Tax saga continues... Just to recap, I entered Lawful Rebellion way back in 2007 alongside my good friend John Harris.  I decided not to pay any UK Council Tax (South Glos) and have not done so for the past 3 or 4 years. As far as I'm concerned it is an unlawful charge and is levied through deception and lies. Lawful Rebellion also means that I do not buy a TV Licence, pay speeding fines or Parking Tickets nor do I incriminate myself with any corporate Policy Officers or corporate "Court Officials".  I just live by common law and basically wish to be left alone.

I wrote a searching letter to South Glos Council way back in 2009 politely asking a series of questions  and reserving my right to transact with them subject to a satisfactory response . Quelle suprise, apart from a basic holding letter, here we are in 2011 and I've still heard nothing back from the morons. All I've had all the usual yadda yadda, threats, visits from Bailiffs and nasty letters - all ignored or sent back no contract return to sender I hasten to add - and here I am still standing and not in Prison! However, could that be set to change lol?

So, now that I'm no longer a UK property owner and live in the badlands of the USA maybe you'd think that they might finally have got the message - but no!!! Lo and behold lost in the spam folder between the Viagra  and my long lost rich relatives from Nigeria. I receive an email from  Mr S Nash - Corporate Recovery Team (notice the corporate alliterative Mr) with the following...

"I am contacting you regarding outstanding Council Tax; despite our requests and bailiff action you have not paid the balance in full or made proposals to clear the debt.

You are required to contact this office immediately to make arrangements to pay the balance in full.

Failure to do so will leave the Council with no alternative but to commence bankruptcy proceedings against you or make an application for your committal to prison for a period of up to 90 days.

I trust this action will not be necessary and look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency".

Mr S Nash - now hear this - it's quite simple... either take the time to satisfactorily answer the points raised in my letter of 2009 or do the other thing.  And while you're at it Mr Nash, please please commence Bankruptcy proceedings against me and/or make an application for my committal to prison - I really do wish you good luck with that!!


Turkeys come home to Roost

One of the joys of living in the countryside is the never ending parade of wild animals roaming through my garden. Watching the wild Turkey this morning preening and puffing was a joy to behold.

Christmas is coming soon though!!!

Looters in Federal Government

My erstwhile blogging colleague in arms over at the EU Referendum Blogspot, Dr Richard North is currently highlighting the wholesale looting taking place within the UK's Public Sector. Massive payoffs for crony quangocrats - non essential politically motivated non jobs and snout in trough council employees. Strange isn't it that the same thing is happening over here too!  

My thanks to Newsmax for the following article....

At a time when many American workers are struggling to make ends meet and government debt is threatening to undermine economic recovery, thousands of federal employees are raking in bigger salaries than the governors of the states where they live, a new report reveals.

In fact, federal public employees now make twice the salaries of their private sector counterparts -- annual earnings that top $123,000. The median US household income, by comparison, is $52,000 annually.

The report from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service shows that more than 77,000 federal workers -- in jobs ranging from medicine and air traffic control to public relations, computer programming, and even interior decorating -- earned more in 2009 than their state's chief executive.

“Across America, governors are being asked to do more with less, often at lower pay than federal employees in their states. The pay gap between governors and federal employees should prompt Congress to take a closer look at federal salaries,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who requested the CRS report. “With our debt and deficits spiraling out of control, now is the time to ask agencies — not just governors — to do more with less.”

Coburn said he asked for the comparison to governors’ salaries, because he felt state chief executive pay is indicative of top-tier salaries-- both public and private -- in each state. Coburn has been adamant that the government needs to pay federal workers less while the nation attempts to solve its growing deficit.

The research analyzed the salaries of more than 2.1 million federal employees. The CRS report did not list specific federal salaries nor did it connect states with specific public -sector job titles. The CRS report shows Colorado atop its list with 10,875 federal workers earning more than Gov. Bill Ritter's salary of $90,000. Maryland was second with 7,283 civil servants topping Gov. Martin O’Malley's $150,000 annual haul. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Vermont had just 100 federal employees beating out former Gov. Jim Douglas, who pocketed $142,548 that year.

Of the 77,057 highly paid federal workers singled out in the report, 18,351 were doctors. Air traffic controllers accounted for 5,170 of the total, the second-highest amount. Those two professions accounted for 31 percent of government workers outgrossing their governors.

But it’s not all doctors and air-safety personnel. According to a Washington Times analysis, nationwide there were 122 park rangers, 271 environmental protection specialists, 14 chaplains and one prison guard who earned more than their governors. There were also 21 archaeologists, three sociologists, 48 social workers, four food service workers and five civil rights analysts who earned more than their governors.

“Federal employees deserve to be paid adequately, and no one would argue against paying skilled engineers or top-notch doctors and nurses to care for wounded soldiers and veterans,” Coburn spokeswoman Becky Bernhardt told reporters. “It seems to defy explanation, however, why recreation planners, an interior designer, and many other public servants are receiving higher salaries than state governors when our nation is $14 trillion in debt and many taxpayers are struggling to pay their mortgage and make ends meet.”

The report comes at a time when the Obama administration is bucking federal budget concerns and overseeing a historic increase in the number of federal employees. The federal workforce added nearly 200,000 jobs since 2009 and topped 2 million last year for the first times since President Bill Clinton declared “the era of big government is over” and began paring back the government rolls in the 1990s.

The CRS report focuses on the difference between two taxpayer-funded public sector employees. But it comes at a time of growing disparity between public and private sector workers in this era of recession as well.

The gap between the lucrative pay scales of federal employees and the average private worker has widened over the last decade to the point that public workers now routinely make more than twice the salary earned in the private sector, according to the Cato Institute.

In 2009, federal employees earned an annual salary of $123,049 compared to just $61,051 in the private sector. In 2000, fed workers made $76,187 annually compared to $46,782 for the average private worker.

A recent Newsweek survey found that seven of the 10 richest counties in America, including the top three, are in the Washington area with its large number of federal government workers. According to the Washington Post, only three counties in the United States had a household income of more than $100,000 in 2010; all three are Washington suburbs.

Work-a-day Americans appear to have had enough. In a recent U.S. News and World Report poll, more than 31 percent of respondents demanded a cut to generous federal worker pay and benefits.

Republicans last month proposed requiring federal workers to contribute more toward their extremely generous retirement plan. The GOP proposal would save more than $120 billion over the next decade and effectively deliver a 5 percent pay cut to government employees. The Obama administration has since endorsed the idea, calling the federal system “out of line” with the private sector.

Other solutions are in the works as well. Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., in May introduced legislation that would prohibit agencies from hiring new employees until the federal deficit eases. Meanwhile Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.,reintroduced the Federal Workforce Reduction Act, which would reduce the federal workforce by attrition.

As Dr North might say, "It's time we rose up and slaughtered them!"

The Coming Economic Crash

This is important information and I wanted to share it with you.

The Biggest Financial Disaster in Our History

While many already know that we are in a lot of trouble they have no idea just how bad things are about to get. The president, and officials at the federal reserve keep saying that the recession is over and that we are experiencing an “Economic Recovery” and yet we don’t see things getting any better at all, only worse...





What the government and the media are hiding is that things have got so bad that even they are afraid to report the coming collapse...Just look around at what's happening today

An outrageous debt fiasco that scared the whole world and put it on the brink of collapse. The Resultant downgrading of U.S. credit status from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook. A growing global food crises. Wild Riots in London and all over the world... Angry protests in Wisconsin, and even the overthrow of several governments. What people don't understand is that this is all part of the same crises and that.... 


You see, many believe that this is crazy because "It could never happen in America"... we are too large and too strong to have a breakdown of this magnitude. This is simply not true. As History has proven with countries like Argentina, Germany, and Zimbabwe all crumbling as hyperinflation ravished their economies. It doesn't matter how large we are, we are not immune to basic economic principles. I want to assure you that not only is this collapse coming soon...

It Is Already Underway!

I'm doing something about it are you?


The American Survival Bible is available now - Click here and get protected!


Kristina Salinovic - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

Kristina Salinovic
That's what we call "une brune piquante" in french
it coul be "a spicy brunette" in english

hebergeur image
hebergeur image
hebergeur image

©Fred/Easy Fashion Paris

Telle mère telle fille - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

Sarah Rutson and daughter
Check the micro bag (by Céline) !

Kate - Rue Saint-Martin - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Kate. I study Fashion Design.
For me the best part of the day is picking up
what you're going to wear. J'adore la Mode !
My message to the world: You have to visit
Paris at leat once ! ..."

hebergeur image

Top by Opening Ceremony
Skirt by Barney's Coop
Shoes by Sam Edelman
Bag by Alexander Wang
Hat from a vintage shop in Le Marais
Perfume: Musc & Mûre by l'Artisan Parfumeur

Daphne Guinness 1 - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

Daphne Guinness est la seule personne capable de porter
ces chaussure (Nina Ricci ou McQueen ?) sans se ramasser !
Une vraie performance ...
Interview in Harper's Bazaar here

hebergeur image

©Farid/Easy Fashion Paris

Daphne Guinness 2 - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

Daphne Suzannah Diana Joan Guinness.
On dit que Lady Gaga a été influencée par Daphne
What da you think ?

hebergeur image

Photos ©Farid/Easy Fashion Paris

Michele Bachmann invokes the wrath of God

Last week she promised a "President Bachmann" would make sure Gasoline stays at $2 a gallon - as yet we are unsure how she hopes to achieve that however from her latest pearls of wisdom maybe there is a clue there somewhere... So God apparently, is mighty pissed with Congress and has sent an earthquake and a storm as a plague on their houses.  

An aide is reported to have said damage limitation "obviously she was saying it in jest". Michele dear, the Republican party is known as the GOP not the GOD - got that!


Hurricane Irene pt2

Golly Gosh! I woke up this morning to blazing sun and the usual plethora of wild animals roaming around on my property. In fact pretty much the same as the day before and the day before that and well, yes you've guessed it the day before that too. Of course according to Faux News and my usual daily dose of the BBC - I should have awoken to the sight of a great big wooden ark captained by a man with a very long beard sail past.

Yes I must admit, thoughts of Armageddon did cross my mind what with Global Warming, Climate Change and now those poor lovely insurance people having to shell out some $100 Billion and the resulting even more ruinous financial catastrophe all set to befall us, surely I could be forgiven for thinking that the end of the world really is nigh? 

Just as the sainted Obamanoid Rahm Emmanuel said - never let a good crises go to waste and right on cue the naysayers of doom  MSN tells us that a bit of bad weather over the Eastern Seaboard is all our fault (we Oil consuming low life scum) and so expect to see Fema Camps, Martial Law Drills and the ubiquitous EPA evoke even more Draconian power in the name of saving the Planet....... Even Barry O has returned from his Golfing trip in order to prop up his ratings save us so hey, it must be bad right?

Alan Caruba hits it right here and calls it a weather "newsgasm". Good old Anglo Saxon works for me - go fuck the fuck off!!!

P.S. Does anyone in the UK still buy a TV License? 

British Pedophile Roams free

Whilst taking my usual morning constitution - sat in the sun with my black coffee and toast - and taking a shufti through the online British Press looking for suitable stories to be totally outraged about  -I stumbled across the following headline from the Mail........ 

Why is evil paedophile 'The Beast of Sligo' free to roam the streets despite being jailed for 238 years?

I've finally finished clearing up the mess of my breakfast that was splattered all over the patio floor due to my paroxysms of anger and a sudden Asthma attack when I read that this piece of human detritus was released (from a cushy open jail no doubt) after serving only 9 years for repeatedly raping his own kids! (Yuk feeling sick again just writing this).
This sick Irish fecker was sentenced to 238 years in Dublin, was released after 9 and washed up on the shores of Devon where he got another 30 months for possessing kiddie porn. The US justice system is far from perfect as we all well know but at least I could rest easy knowing that should this have happened here, 238 years would have meant just that and this ass clown would never have seen the light of day again nor have the opportunity to defile an innocent life for his own sick pleasure!
To make me feel better, I have printed out the article and placed it on a tree and any minute now will take out my gun (see previous post) for a spot of target practice..
Yes, today I feel good about living in the good 'ole US of A!!

Joseph McColgan AKA Dirty Kiddie Fiddling Scum


There's Always Hope - down the Barrel of a Gun

Of course living in the United States has its advantages over somewhere say like Europe. Whilst the Police state closes in ever further, there is one thing here in the USA that gives me hope for the future. We the people have Guns and lots of them!!

Here in the video below I'm shooting my "end of the world gun"! Its an AR15 Assault Rifle which is basically what the armed forces use but commonly known as the M16. It's effective range is 400 - 600 meters which means that if anyone wishes to disturb me and my family here on my property, they are likely to be leaving down the driveway in a rubber sack!

I'm sure that if these things were readily available in the UK and you were properly allowed to protect your property then the riots and looting of the last few weeks would probably never have happened. 

Media Overhypes Hurricane Irene

The demise of Hurricane Irene has already begun. There is no visible eye and the storm intensity is down to 99 mph. This would be a low-end category 2 or a strong category 1 storm, while 36 hours ago some predicted a catastrophic category 4 storm. Air Force Reserve aircraft have found that Irene’s eye wall has collapsed, and the central prdssure has risen — rising pressure means a weakening storm.
The reduction in storm intensity likely confirms that this storm is not going to be as monstrous as it has been publicly forecast to be.
Yes, it will be windy. However, north of Delaware most hurricane force winds will very likely be gusts, not sustained winds.

Devastation wrought by Hurricane Irene....

Tom Cruise is CRAZY

I don't say he's crazy because he's driving a formula 1 race car at almost 200 mph. Oh no. It's what he does afterwards. Just watch the video ...

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Police Brutality and the Police State

Going back through and reading again various recent articles of “Police encounters” with members of the public, I’m always minded to cut through the bias and keep an objective eye.
However, after a forensic examination of the US Government’s handling of numerous recent cases of extreme police brutality - I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that America really now is a police state.

Across the nation there has been a recent string of high profile police brutality cases.

In almost every instance the police claim the victims who are beaten, tasered, pepper sprayed, or shot to death were resisting arrest and threatening the lives of the law enforcement officials involved.

This is repeatedly the case even though most of the victims are subjected to the brutality even after being completely restrained by the police.

The police often respond to the incident by confiscating and smashing cameras that record their acts of slaughter and brutality.

The police also file criminal charges against those who make recordings that expose their corruption.

The officer’s involved are protected by their associates who provide the media with disinformation and cover up the incident.

The media in turn acts as a stenographer for the government publishing their version of events without questioning the actions of the Police.

This is the case even when video evidence contradicts their claims.  Even when dozens of eyewitnesses join in protest claiming the police are lying about the events.

Just because the recent cases are only making headlines now by no means indicates the systematic corruption is some new phenomenon. Take for instance the unsuspecting woman who was beaten by TSA police only in turn to have the corrupt courts rule that she had to pay the TSA thousands of dollars for their gift of giving her brain damage.

That is not even the tip of the iceberg.  Police kill one person a week by tasering them to death.

Months go by with no arrests of police officers who brutally murder innocent citizens.

Furthermore, among large police departments nearly 1 in 10 officers have had formal complaints filed against them for using excessive force.

Making matters worse is the U.S. courts are part of the corruption. In fact, U.S. judges have been implicated in a scheme to lock up children for huge amounts of money. Courts have also participated in the scheme of criminalizing poverty even though 99.99% of the population is being robbed and looted by the crooked new world order elite in broad daylight.


Mrs SugarLove, Leigh Taylor's behind the scene interview with Portobello Bride.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Working in our gorgeous showroom with a great team and hearing our clients say they have always dreamed of hiring us to cover their day. And of course giving them incredible memories after the wedding day to last forever – nothing beats that feeling after all the planning and hard work has been done to realise that you were the 2nd most important decision they made (after choosing each other of course!)

What are you reading at the moment?

I have about 5 books on the boil usually. At the moment lets see on the bedside there is; Tender is the Night (F Scott Fitzgerald), The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen & Buddhism for Mothers. Not far away is “An Affair with a House” and most of the current issues of Real Living, Inside out, Belle and Highlife. I am not a big fashion magazine fan! You tend to find mountains of interior design books or “how to” parenting guides around my desk & bookshelf on most days along with a big inspiration folder on our new renovation project.

What are you lusting after at the moment?

Counting down the weeks until our beautiful tropical getaway for my 10year wedding anniversary, lots of furniture and  fixtures for our new tree change escape, silver caviar ring by Andrea Corson and more time to snuggle up with our little boys and read some good stories.

Top three songs on your play list?

Piano Sonata 11 (Mozart),

If I Ever Feel Better (Phoenix) and

Twinkle Twinkle (my 4year has hijacked my iphone favourites list)

What is your favourite moment during a wedding?

The I-Do kiss and the moments we capture when a couple are not aware of the camera.

Who inspires you?

My darling children and my husband (Bradley Patrick) who inspires me more than anyone to make both of our dreams come true each day. (Samples of his work appear on SugarLove Weddings & his newly updated commercial site will launch in Winter 2011).

I also love reading daily posts by A Cup Of Jo, Vicki Archer Anna Spiro And my daily wedding fix comprises Once Wed,  Style Me Pretty and Polka Dot Bride .

Favourite Cocktail?

Old fashioned girl – Baileys & Milk

What does it take to impress you?

A lot – passion, dedication, positivity, persistence, a great smile, confidence and great style.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.

Favourite way to spend a Sunday?

Sleeping in (won't happen for a few years yet), hubby’s home cooked brekkie with the boys, a relaxing read of the Sunday papers, something sweet, great coffee, laughter and trips around the coast with the family.

Black Tie or Casual?


Your suggestion for a new name for ‘Hens party'?

Ladies Luxury Pamper Day

Your favourite hostess gift to give?

Nice bottle of red wine or some interesting in season blooms.

What’s the best gift you have ever received?

The gorgeous wooden sleigh bed and Brett Whitely lithograph from the room we stayed in on our wedding night from my husband of course!!

Three words that describe you best.

Focused, Passionate, Loving

Two poodle skirts from different periods

















Pictures taken: Salisbury pub and around my neighborhood

  Photographed by: Kelly Marie and myself

Outfit details:

Skirt: 1940s "the original poodle skirt" with ruched top and full bottom.  
With lovely poodle details ~  From: dorothea's closet vintage
Crop top: 1960s off the shoulder crop top
Bow: Ribbon from Bell' occhio
Purse: 1980s Minnie mouse

In Progress- Did This At The Lethbridge Tattoo Convention