Hurricane Irene pt2

Golly Gosh! I woke up this morning to blazing sun and the usual plethora of wild animals roaming around on my property. In fact pretty much the same as the day before and the day before that and well, yes you've guessed it the day before that too. Of course according to Faux News and my usual daily dose of the BBC - I should have awoken to the sight of a great big wooden ark captained by a man with a very long beard sail past.

Yes I must admit, thoughts of Armageddon did cross my mind what with Global Warming, Climate Change and now those poor lovely insurance people having to shell out some $100 Billion and the resulting even more ruinous financial catastrophe all set to befall us, surely I could be forgiven for thinking that the end of the world really is nigh? 

Just as the sainted Obamanoid Rahm Emmanuel said - never let a good crises go to waste and right on cue the naysayers of doom  MSN tells us that a bit of bad weather over the Eastern Seaboard is all our fault (we Oil consuming low life scum) and so expect to see Fema Camps, Martial Law Drills and the ubiquitous EPA evoke even more Draconian power in the name of saving the Planet....... Even Barry O has returned from his Golfing trip in order to prop up his ratings save us so hey, it must be bad right?

Alan Caruba hits it right here and calls it a weather "newsgasm". Good old Anglo Saxon works for me - go fuck the fuck off!!!

P.S. Does anyone in the UK still buy a TV License? 

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