Police Brutality and the Police State

Going back through and reading again various recent articles of “Police encounters” with members of the public, I’m always minded to cut through the bias and keep an objective eye.
However, after a forensic examination of the US Government’s handling of numerous recent cases of extreme police brutality - I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that America really now is a police state.

Across the nation there has been a recent string of high profile police brutality cases.

In almost every instance the police claim the victims who are beaten, tasered, pepper sprayed, or shot to death were resisting arrest and threatening the lives of the law enforcement officials involved.

This is repeatedly the case even though most of the victims are subjected to the brutality even after being completely restrained by the police.

The police often respond to the incident by confiscating and smashing cameras that record their acts of slaughter and brutality.

The police also file criminal charges against those who make recordings that expose their corruption.

The officer’s involved are protected by their associates who provide the media with disinformation and cover up the incident.

The media in turn acts as a stenographer for the government publishing their version of events without questioning the actions of the Police.

This is the case even when video evidence contradicts their claims.  Even when dozens of eyewitnesses join in protest claiming the police are lying about the events.

Just because the recent cases are only making headlines now by no means indicates the systematic corruption is some new phenomenon. Take for instance the unsuspecting woman who was beaten by TSA police only in turn to have the corrupt courts rule that she had to pay the TSA thousands of dollars for their gift of giving her brain damage.

That is not even the tip of the iceberg.  Police kill one person a week by tasering them to death.

Months go by with no arrests of police officers who brutally murder innocent citizens.

Furthermore, among large police departments nearly 1 in 10 officers have had formal complaints filed against them for using excessive force.

Making matters worse is the U.S. courts are part of the corruption. In fact, U.S. judges have been implicated in a scheme to lock up children for huge amounts of money. Courts have also participated in the scheme of criminalizing poverty even though 99.99% of the population is being robbed and looted by the crooked new world order elite in broad daylight.

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