There's Always Hope - down the Barrel of a Gun

Of course living in the United States has its advantages over somewhere say like Europe. Whilst the Police state closes in ever further, there is one thing here in the USA that gives me hope for the future. We the people have Guns and lots of them!!

Here in the video below I'm shooting my "end of the world gun"! Its an AR15 Assault Rifle which is basically what the armed forces use but commonly known as the M16. It's effective range is 400 - 600 meters which means that if anyone wishes to disturb me and my family here on my property, they are likely to be leaving down the driveway in a rubber sack!

I'm sure that if these things were readily available in the UK and you were properly allowed to protect your property then the riots and looting of the last few weeks would probably never have happened. 

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