A few in progress flash pieces.

Bolder is Better Flash Sheet.

New Stuff

Single Needle Mini Tattoo...Lots'a Fun!!
Baphomets words of power.

Old school penguin, Done on a Gentleman  whose first tattoo was done by none other than Doc Forbes , along with his collection of Ed  Hardy work done in 1976, and other work by famous artists such as Greg Irons, and The Dutchman.

Leo was done by another artist but i fixed it up and added the poppies.

Cross stitch snow flake too match the  heart and sun, (that were done by another artist) on the other side of her leg,  Real fun piece to do. 

The Moose Targets 2012

What do we have here, a naked attempt at electioneering for her husband or a regular mom out doing her weekly shop? Hard to tell right! Which is worse, the blatant electioneering or the contempt that they have for us by insulting our intelligence and thinking that we could fall for this crap?

And what's with the Nike hat? Is she really trying to identify with the American people as a whole or is she trying to identify with just one group in-particular? Hmm.

So, does the first lady shop at Target regularly? Er no not at all. What next, will we see the Obamessiah in TJ Max wearing a hoodie? Maybe, maybe not and to be honest I don't really care. The only certainties in US electioneering are the uncertainties and more sad stunts like this. Repeat after me "I am not a  moron don't feed me on shit". Hey the games on - gotta go!!
Do you take bottle coupons?

Marios Schwab film by Crane TV


I love this video of Marios Schwab!
I think they captured his personality very well!

Hahah you can see me at 1:36 ;)

You can also see his heavenly ss12 collection that I helped with here

Green Shoots?

Summer has turned to Fall and the grass is turning a shade browner but all I can see around me are green shoots!

Green shoots of recovery of course - let me explain.. Take the auto industry, I haven't seen so many new car commercials since I don't know when. The leasing companies are back and financing is cheap. How about the latest state of the art road train - yours for $249 a month sir - credit a bit iffy - stick another $10 per month on top! What a change from only 6 months ago when financing a new car was harder than taking out a mortgage. Speaking of mortgages, no problem! fixed rate for 20 years, that'll be 3.2% to you sir.... Wow!!

Gas prices have hit the floor and Gas was $2.89 a gallon in Lansing last Saturday - around where I live now $3.30 a gallon and falling - as opposed to $3.90 in July!

Frequenting some of the local bars as I am apt to do finds me sitting in a corner as usual but no longer on my own... The places are packed and the conversation is positive and heady... Restaurants are the same, packed out with clientele drinking something a little better from the wine list other than the usual house plonk or god forbid, beer!

What on earth is going on? Is this poverty fatigue or is uncle Sam really roaring back? We shall see, but in the meantime, I've got my eye on a shiny new truck and I'll be down at Ginger Spice tonight...

Blitz London Vintage store











Blitz London Contacted me and other favorite bloggers
to go shopping and put together outfits 
with our favorite pieces 

There are so many goodies to choose from in that store!!!
I hope you enjoy the looks I came up with!

I then took pictures around the store with the outfit I came in hahah!

Disappearing for fashion week and Marios Schwab

Nicole Eymard-625
























I Have not adjusted to my new schedule yet.
Which was why I have vanished.

I am working for Marios Schwab
And just survived London fashion week!

I was able to enjoy fashion week on Sunday before Marios Schwab's show!  Oh my!  I fell so much in my tall shoes!  It was worth it because I was in The Evening Standard!