The Moose Targets 2012

What do we have here, a naked attempt at electioneering for her husband or a regular mom out doing her weekly shop? Hard to tell right! Which is worse, the blatant electioneering or the contempt that they have for us by insulting our intelligence and thinking that we could fall for this crap?

And what's with the Nike hat? Is she really trying to identify with the American people as a whole or is she trying to identify with just one group in-particular? Hmm.

So, does the first lady shop at Target regularly? Er no not at all. What next, will we see the Obamessiah in TJ Max wearing a hoodie? Maybe, maybe not and to be honest I don't really care. The only certainties in US electioneering are the uncertainties and more sad stunts like this. Repeat after me "I am not a  moron don't feed me on shit". Hey the games on - gotta go!!
Do you take bottle coupons?

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