Troy Davies is Dead

Much hand wringing in the foreign press, particularly the BBC over the execution last night of Troy Davis. Much is being made (as usual) that Mr Davies is/was Black and the meme here is that the United States is racist and only executes poor Black men... Ann Coulter tells us that the first man Davis allegedly shot that night 22 years ago was a black man. There is no doubt that Troy Davies was at the crime scene carrying a discharged firearm which forensics matched with the bullet that killed the policeman. Now, I'm not that bright but even I get that it's not such a good idea to run with a pack carrying a loaded weapon with intent to commit a crime. Davis was attempting to steal using a loaded fire arm! How stupid do you have to be?

And to all those liberals who are bleating now - especially the BBC,  yes life is sacrosanct but if a feral gang, high on whatever attempts to steal from me with a loaded firearm, I have the right to defend myself using deadly force if necessary. Well in this case, the state has provided that deadly force, the real issue is that is took 22 years for that force to take effect!

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