Occupy The City Of London

A message to Great Britain.

Looking around and seeing what is going on here in the USA with the occupy Wall Street action, I can't help thinking of the rioting that took place in Britain earlier this summer. What we are seeing here in America is a desire for the real criminals who have caused the economic troubles currently engulfing us all to be brought to book. Indeed, the real looters are sipping champagne and driving Ferrari's whilst us the common folks are losing our houses, paying more in tax and struggling to feed our families.

So, here is a message to you Great Britain - get off your knees and do something positive. Forget looting honest businesses for your high priced baubles of shit such as Nike Sneakers, Flat Screen TV's and Boomboxes - Get down to the Mansion House EC3, in the Corporate City Of London and make your voice heard. How bad does it have to get before you turn off the TV, stop buying newspapers and forget the high priced trinkets and keeping up with the neighbors?

For you children's sake, make you voice heard before it's to late.

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