Treasures found in Spitalfields market



Photos by: 

Skirt: Early 1950s, felt and sequined flowers and leaves on velvet from  Goldmine trash
Jacket:  1930s black and green wool cut out ski jacket
Hat:  1940s plastic celluloid flowers
Sweater:  1930s

Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

Pirates Of The Caribbean Wallpapers

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Desktop hd movie wallpaper with the main characters from Pirates of the Caribbean

Nice film background for computer with the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean

Picture from the film Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

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3D Jacket Girl - FW - Paris

hebergeur image
  Milagros Schmoll (top from Argentina)
  Photo by Easy Fashion Fred

Becca's Story

This week, Becca shares her journey with us. I love her writing style and how she and her family have evolved in the past year!

"thanksgiving 2010, while visiting my aunt, i picked up a magazine and began to thumb through it.  my eye caught a glimpse of the type of decor i love, minimal, clean and modern.  i choose to read the article and my first thought was these people are crazy!  i handed the article over to my husband whom also loves that type of decor and his thought was the same, beautiful home and crazy lifestyle.  on our drive home we started talking about how we should start to get rid of all our junk, that slowly turned into trying out as best as we could at living this lifestyle.  we knew all of it wasn’t for us but we tried to began to change.  we were a “leave the lights on in all the house, let the water run forever, never recycled type of family.”  soon we were making our own dishwashing and laundry soap, bringing all our containers, veggie bags and grocery bags to the grocery store.

i was in process of learning how to sew before finding this article and now really have a passion for up-cycling or refashioning clothing.  this is someone who would never set foot in a goodwill (i couldn’t handle the smell). 

i find myself actually thinking about things before i throw them away.  can i reuse it?  should i of even purchased it in the first place?  did i really need a bag inside my bag?  can someone else use this?

i was so excited for living this way that i thought i should start blogging about it.  by the time i got a blog together my zero waste lifestyle was more like a little less waste lifestyle.  i decided not to blog about it because i felt like we failed.

my husband was not going for the handmade laundry soap and many times we would forget our bags when we headed to the grocery store. 

even though my kitchen does have a few plastic bags in it,  i realized we really haven’t failed.  my mind set has completely changed.  we are not a “leave the lights on, let the water run forever, never recycle type of family.”  i think about refusing and sometimes i do.  i think about reusing and sometimes i do.  i think about recycling and sometimes i do.  sometimes is better than never.

we have no desire to live in a big house.  we have been fine with one car and hope to get my husband a nice bike.  keeping our house clean has been so much easier.  my desire to have a clean minimal home has happened.  our kids don’t need anymore toys than what fits in their toy box, we too just want to share experiences with them more so than things.  i can’t believe it but i actually don’t feel like i need a closet packed full of clothes.  i don’t hold on to all my girls art work and church crafts, we take pictures of it.

we really have changed!  thank you for your inspiration!  if we can change anyone on can!"

Buying fabrics and going to Barbican with KengKeng










photo (1)



Photos by: 
  KengKeng, Nicole Eymard, Pierre Eymard


Dress: 1940s velvet with colorful studs
Hat:  1930s flowers in mustard felt
Shoes:  1940s
Tights:  Red lace back seam
Ribbon:  Vintage floral
Coat:  1960s
Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

Johnny Depp Wallpapers

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Desktop hd wallpaper with a photo of Johnny Depp wearing blue jeans, bandana and an old shirt

Background with a picture of Johnny Depp in old blue jeans, brown t-shirt, tattoos and smoking a cigarette

Blue wallpaper with Johnny Depp wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses

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The Flying Vespa - Champ-Elysées

hebergeur image

  Photo by Easy Fashion Farid

The Apparition - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

  Photo by Easy fashion Farid

Giovanna Battaglia - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

  Giovanna Battaglia is the editor of L'Uomo Vogue and a freelance stylist.
  Photo by Easy Fashion Fred

Ulyana Sergeenko - FW - Paris

hebergeur image

  Ulyana Sergeenko is Photographer and Stylist
  Panama Hat Rules !
  Photos by Easy Fashion Fred

hebergeur image

Sylvester Stallone Wallpapers

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Desktop hd wallpaper with Sylvester Stallone bare-chester in the rain in a Rambo movie

Photo with Sylvester Stallone in black suit and purple sunglasses hitting another man with his fist

Background for computer with Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo with a big machine gun

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Im going to sell a mini collection at Audrey Grace!

I am making a mini capsule collection inspired by birds and birds nests.  The color palette will be a twist on primary colors.  I will be using velvet and silk wool jersey to ad the perfect about of fuzzy texture.  While I was creating this mini inspiration collage and shopping for fabrics
I absolutely could not wait to see them ready to go to their new homes!!  

I will update soon with progress pictures!

My collection will be sold exclusively at Jaclyn's pop up shop called Audrey Grace 
The shop will pop up in her home town: Jackson Mississippi!  
Check out her blog for more information and to see some of my friends interviews for the shop (Hannah and Ashley ), and pop in for a visit on Dec. 17th!

Local Law enforcement and Bad Banks a personal experience..

Law enforcement in America is well funded and retributionthrough the courts is swift – well that’s what everyone here thinks but from myown experience, I’m beginning to doubt this very much. And as for the Banks –don’t get me started!!

On a recent trip back to Britain a so called friend of minewho was supposedly looking after my property, decided to steal from me. The idiotthought it would be a good idea to steal my checkbook from my office and make ahandful of checks out to himself and cash them.  Yes; He forged my signature and dipped into myaccount for a few grand of my hard earned.  Apparently he thought I wouldn’t miss themoney and wouldn’t notice a few thousand dollar hole in my checking account.

Arriving back at my Michigan Bunker and checking through my recentoutgoings, the black hole that I wasn’t supposed to notice loomed large! I calledmy Bank and after receiving from them copies of all checks from the previous 3months – voila - the idiot had forged my signature with a forged signature thatlooked nothing remotely like my deft scribble,,,, doh!!

What to do? Well first off I called the cops and reportedthe theft/fraud – then off to the Bank to ask them to return my money as theywere negligent in cashing obviously forged checks.

After giving a statement to the deputy Sherriff, I left safein the knowledge that the county’s finest would act swiftly, the perp would bearrested and retribution would be mine…… Not so…..

Here we are, three months on and after calling the prosecutors office yet again this morning - still nothing! After signing variousbits of paper over and over again (because the affidavit wasn't witnessedcorrectly/paperwork lost yada yada etc etc), the perp is still around, has not been arrestedand has been phoning me at my bunker, leaving messages calling me an idiot!!!! (I'm trying to take the moral high ground here but accidents and guns seem to be part of a recurring dream) 

Even my bank thinks I fell off the last banana boat fromthickland. “We will not reimburse your loss as you were complicit by notguarding you check book sufficiently” they said! Well the fact that I was outof the country and the perp did not have permission to be in my Bunker isirrelevant to them. Even more irrelevant is that the perp had forged mysignature and by doing so has committed a felony!!! Get this, he'd even taken one of the checks tomy local bank to cash but the cashier refused the checkbecause “ Mr LetterfromAmerika is out of the country and that is not hissignature”. So, the perp went downtown and cashed it somewhere else.

Here I am, a few grand out of pocket, the perp is still outthere gloating and the Bank is refusing to honor its obligations to me… Disillusioned– you bet!!

Fraudulent claim or lying bastards?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wallpapers

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Desktop hd wallpaper with Arnold Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle by night

Background for pc with Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing a brown leather jacket

Nice photo of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger on the bonnet of a big white expensive car

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Battlefield 3 Wallpapers

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Gray gaming background for pc from Battlefield 3 with a soldier with armour and gun

Desktop hd wallpaper from 3D shooter game Battlefield 3

Man screaming in the game Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand

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Ice skating in my living room










My living room 
(still under construction but looking more living room ish)

Photos by: 

Outfit and items: 

Mittens: 1930s  rabbit fur ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux
Capelet: 1920s-30s mink tails  ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux
Coat: 1950s 
Belt: 1980s pouder blue ~ bought in Paris
Boots: Remake Victorian boots, 
(I was searching for boots that look like ice skates... SUCCESS!)
Bows: Powder blue velvet vintage ribbon
Tight: top shop

Flowers: Globe de marriage (without the glass dome)
Fox: Vintage taxidermy, from France
Book case: Edwardian
Glass cupboard: Both stacked on top of each other from: Kelly marie