5 Best Ways To Protect Your Computer From Malware Attacks

Well, viruses can attack most of the computers and only way to stay safe is prevention. "Malware" is kind of virus that can damage your computer and you cant even know if your computer has malware in it. Malware even can attack your computer when you visit random sites using Google search engine, such malware are called "drive-by malware". Here are the 5 best tips that can help you to safe your computer from malware.

1- Install an Antivirus Software
There are number of people who can protect their computer from malware even without antivirus software however its not possible for all of us. Imagine how much you will have bear the loss if your computer got infected with malware. Just keep in mind that;
No Antivirus software can safe your computer 100%. They just try their best.
Never purchase cheap antivirus applications. They will treat your computer cheaply, Trust me!
Never install multiple antivirus programs. They will harm you more and will make your computer sick.
There are number of free and many paid antivirus and Anti-malware applications available on the internet. Some of them are free to use and one of the best free anti-malware applications are Free Avast, Free avg, Nod32 and if you want to go with premium applications, you can go with Bitdefender Antivirus plus, Kaspersky Antivirus, AVG pro etc. I will suggest you to go with free ones unless you are doing some sort of business on your computer.

2- Use Updated Applications
Yes, updates means a lot when it comes to have a proper and working computer. You must update your applications whenever their developers release new versions because the version you are using possibly can have bugs which is why the developers developed the new version for you. IT Gurus say "If you have a software, it should be up to date". Never forget to update these applications at least;
Java (JRE/JDK): You probably don’t know about it, but it is there on your computer.
Adobe (Reader)

Its difficult to know that what software need to be updated. Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI) helps you to know the applications that need to be updated.

3- Change Your Browser
If you are still reading this post using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, then you need a change! You need to change your Internet browser. Actually, Internet Explorer probably still one of the most popular browser however when it comes to security there are many browsers that do a better job than internet explorer. Try shifting to a better a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, they provide better online security than Internet Explorer.

4- Use an Anti-malware Software
When it comes to Malware, we do have Anti-Malware applications that solely work to monitor malware in your computer. Anti-malware software are much more sensitive when it comes to removing spyware. malwareBytes is an effective tool that takes better care of your computer from malware and spyware. You can download this application from http://www.malwarebytes.org/.

5- Use your Common Sense
Well, I know "common sense is a sense which is not so common among common people" but at least you should know how you can win a hundred million dollars from a lottery for what you not even purchased a ticket ?. Those lottery emails are mere scam, they just use your details for their own purposes, their attached files are just to spread malware and virus in your computer and to damage your private data. You must also stop using pirated applications, pirated games, po*n sites etc.

These 5 tips will help you a lot to stay safe from malware and spyware using Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

Miche December

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