Action Movie of Origin Thailand would cite this as a game

Action Movie of Origin Thailand would cite this as a game, Hive Studios announced that they successfully obtain a license to produce games based on action movies from Thailand, Ong-Bak. Studio which is also based in Thailand was claimed would create a quality action games for gamers without forgetting the essence of the film.

It is stated in the rele`se of Studio Hive they share Tuesday (17 / 1). The license to create games that Ong-Bak were obtained from Sahamongkol Film International, licensee of the film. According to the plan, the game will be launched this year 2012.

Ong-Bak is a film made ​​by director Prachya Pinkaew with a major star Tony Jaa was released in 2003. Takes place with a strong traditional values ​​in Thailand, Ong-Bak positive praise as an action movie is energetic, fast, loud, but still entertaining.

Some action scenes are made ​​with high accuracy such chases in an alley where the main character jumping bike that was passed without falling.

According to General Manager of Studio Hive, Kan. Supabanpot, they plan to make Ong-Bak games for various platforms. Only, he's not willing to reveal more details about the concept of development, at least on game genre.

Supabanpot ensure that as a studio that also came from Thailand, the employees are fans of the film and the desire to make a video game becomes a different experience for players.

Hive own studio formerly known as the studio specializes in illustration and visual content. Some such cooperation with Square Enix to supply the artistic content of a strategy game, Front Mission Evolved.

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