Angelina Jolie Agony Emotional Disorders

Angelina Jolie Agony Emotional Disorders, beautiful actress Angelina Jolie received much praise for his directorial debut in the movie 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. But, despite its success as the new director, he too had experienced a major problem.

Jolie was very nervous when deciding to walk to work behind the scenes. Since his debut as a director, he even had time to suffer from emotional disorders, known as "complete emotional breakdown". When disturbed it, Jolie by Brad Pitt often found sobbing in the bathroom.

To direct the film 'In the Land of Blood and Honey, did make his name increasingly bounced. But behind it all, the film tells about the love affair between a soldier and a woman Bosnian Serb It really makes Joile stress.

As quoted by page of Orange, he was so distressed by experienced exam time. Jolie even had time to suffer a crisis of confidence in front of her partner, Pitt.

In an online interview with Marie Claire magazine, Jolie says, "I'm having a complex emotional disorder. In the bathroom, he'd often find me crying, I felt this great responsibility and I feel very small. I even used to say, 'Who I, dare to take this decision?, "he said.

Jolie also revealed to be a director is a coincidence. "I never planned to become a director, and when I do not believe myself when I said I was the director. I just wanted to tell this story and I feel do not qualify as a director. But it all ended fun, especially when meeting with the cast and crew, and the subject matter that is not so special, "he said.

Despite having a bitter experience while working behind the scenes, his pace became a director and screenwriter received positive response from the film producer in Hollywood.

Jolie filmed movie titled 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' won a special award from the Hollywood producer who joined the Producers Guild of America because they depict social issues. Jolie, who became a screenwriter as well as a co-producer will receive the award at the event in Stanley Kramer Award 2012. (Eh)
•source: VIVAnews

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