AntiCrops For IOS, Applications Uncrops Photo Unique

AntiCrops For IOS, Applications Uncrops Photo Unique, Maybe you'll find lots of photo cropping applications for IOS, but if you want an application that could do the exact opposite, then perhaps this is one application that you are looking for.

AntiCrop is an application that serves to add width or height of a photo. This application is a universal application that you can use either the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
How to use this application is quite easy, you simply load a photo from the library by dragging the handles on the edge of the picture then you will be able to reframe and pixel aspect ratio of new-auto was added. The process was very cool and will definitely keep you in awe.
Primarily to use this application, you can catch objects that were not previously entered into the photo. AntiCrop add the image at all the edges of the photo. The result no doubt, will not look like a fake or effect patch, everything looks real. This application has been available in the AppStore at a price of $ 0.99.

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