Barca Back Mute Madrid in "El Clasico"

Barca Back Mute Madrid in "El Clasico" Real Madrid have to accept the bitter reality of the game against Barcelona in "El Clasico" on the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals on Wednesday or Thursday (1/19/2012) early morning hrs. Shown in the home, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and was superior, Madrid was forced to give up 1-2 by Barca.

For the sixth time in 10 meetings last "El Clasico", Madrid was forced to lose. In 10 meeting, Madrid was just one win. In a previous meeting on advanced Liga BBVA, December 10, 2011, Madrid also surrendered at Santiago Bernabeu. At that time, Madrid lost 1-3.

Madrid is implementing tighter defensive game. This makes Barcelona a free press. But, precisely because it's Barca defense off guard and too loose. In the 11th minute, Benzema breakthrough bait from the middle of the field could put to good use by Ronaldo. With high speed, the Portuguese players dribble from the right side of the defense of Madrid. Gerard Pique tries to close, but Ronaldo managed to open space. Although narrow, he successfully kicks off a harsh landscape and fail to hold Barca goalkeeper, Pinto. Madrid was leading 1-0.

A goal, Barcelona and then stepped up their attacks. Cesc Fabregas free-kick bait to Alexis Sanchez in the 17th minute almost made silent supporters of Madrid at the Bernabeu. Sanchez was able to head the ball and goalkeeper Iker Casillas was the wrong position. However, the ball was header with only the Madrid crossbar.

Barcelona tried to keep pressing. The combination of Iniesta and Messi in midfield several times to make Madrid's defense overwhelmed. In the 24th minute, Fabregas getting a golden opportunity. However, the use of bait kick Iniesta could be anticipated well by Casillas.

Madrid is not without an attack. In the 25th minute, "Los Blancos" almost added advantage of individual action when Ronaldo counterattack. However, the former Manchester United player feedback to Benzema was able to cut well by Pique.

Barca kept pounding defense of Madrid. Casillas looked many times to fall up to save his goal of an attack which was built by Messi et al. In the 34th minute, Sanchez was virtually kicks goal to fruition if not swiftly menghalaunya Casillas. Even so, Madrid finally able to maintain the 1-0 lead until the end of the first half.

Entering the second half, Barca again dominated the attack. Barca repeatedly launching malicious attacks from the left side of the defense of Madrid. In the 49th minute, Charles Puyol finally able to score an equalizer for a 1-1 with his goal. Without escort meaning of Pepe, the Spanish defender was able to capitalize on a corner kick with a header hard. Menghujam ball goal and Casillas could not be driven.

After standing in a draw, both teams played hard and fast. Madrid had had a golden opportunity. In the 57th minute, the feed from the left side of the Altintop Barcelona defense with a header followed Benzema. Unfortunately, the ball just hit the crossbar Barcelona.

Madrid then have to pay for his mistake because the concentration is decreased in the 77th minute. Starting from individual action in front of the penalty box Messi, Argentine players were able to feed the stomach to Abidal. Abidal is not guarded on the right side of defense Madrid, then resume the bait with a hard kick that can not be driven by Casillas. Score was eventually changed 2-1 to Barca.

After the goal, Madrid kept trying to equalize. However, defense neat Barcelona Madrid makes players frustrated. Barcelona continue to apply pressure serve attacking game in Madrid, until ultimately capable of winning the match by a score of 2-1. source: kompas.bola

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