Concordia cause of the sinking ship

concordia cause of the sinking ship. When the ship hit a reef, the captain of the ship Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, touted the middle of the night with a woman. Later, based on video recordings, the investigation began to lead to the identity of the woman, known to have come from Moldova named Domnica Cermontan.

Cermontan 25-year-old was one of the passenger ship. He will be summoned for questioning about what happened that night and why Schettino would fail to predict the ship hit a reef.

Where did the investigators know the name of the woman? Apparently, Schettino himself who mentioned it.

Cermontan has said in an interview with TV station Moldova, Journal of the TV, that she was on the bridge the ship on the night of the disaster. He is an employee of the owner of Costa Crociere ships but not on duty during the voyage, according to Italian daily, La Repubblica, wrote.

Il Secolo XIX, a newspaper in Genoa, on Thursday published a photograph that shows Cermontan at dinner on the boat with Schettino.

Italian daily La Stampa reported on Thursday that Cermontan be a guest of a crew on duty - not Schettino - and has been invited to the bridge to enjoy the spectacle of the ship that was sailing close to the rocks in Giglio. According to company policy, the guest of a ship's officer does not appear in the official passenger list, wrote La Stampa.

La Stampa said a British passenger said she saw Cermontan with Schettino drinking before the accident.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph in an airport hotel in Rome after the accident, Cermontan Schettino said action after the accident has saved thousands of lives. Schettino being investigated for murder and the actions leave the ship after the accident. source:

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