I'm with Jesus

I'm not wishing to get religious with you all but for what it's worth here's how I see it...
For thousands of years, many people have been awaiting for the return of "thesavior" (for me I don't need saving so I have no view on this either way).   But in manyways, Jesus was the top anarchist of his time, fighting against a perfidious state (Roman Empire) for freedom. Wasn't he the one who threw the bankers of the day out of the temples decrying usuary as slavery? Didn't he show us how to be self reliant and care for each other? In fact at every opportunity he opposed state interference in peoples lives. Didn't people pretty much live in slavery 2,000 years ago and didn't he try to stop the enslavement of mankind. 
So maybe, just maybe the new Messiah is walking among us now - or maybe the Messiah is all of us - the ones fighting for self reliance, freedom, independence and for good. Maybe the Messiah are the occupy protesters, the freedom fighters of the Middle East or just the plain old awkward squad (or even Michael Moore lol!!) 
Are you getting it yet?  We have the real power and all they have is fear. You could say that we are the good and they are the evil maybe?  I don't think you need religion to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, war and peace and from my perspective we are living in very evil times where life is cheap and enslavement is everywhere.
Jesus, my kind of guy!

I'm with this guy

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