Japan's youngest mayor

Japan's youngest mayor. Voters in the general election in Japan has selected a 36-year-old woman, as the youngest mayor in the country dominated by male politicians old.

It is the youngest mayor Naomi Koshi, a graduate of Harvard law school, the United States. He managed to occupy the mayor's office Otsu - the capital of Shiga Prefecture - after defeating a candidate petahana, a 70-year-old politician.

Governor of Shiga Prefecture is also a woman. Thus, this first case in Japan, two important positions in the region led by women.

Naomi Koshi, who supported the party of Prime Minister of Japan Yoshisiko Noda, Democrat, defeated Makoto Mekata (70).

"I want to work to raise awareness of children and other services," said Naomi Koshi to supporters as quoted by the daily Mainichi Shimbun, Sunday (01/22/2012).

Only a few women who become leaders in business and politics in Japan. Government reports said there were only about 11 percent of members of national parliaments and the lower one percent of women who became chairman of the company.

The lack of child care has been blamed to be the cause of at least women who become officials in Japan. It also affects the decline in birth rates in the country. More women to pursue careers rather than be bothered with the affairs of children.

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