Java coffee, delicious in the World!

Java coffee, delicious in the World! EXCEPT rendang has been claimed as the world's finest food, beverages now come in terms of Indonesia which is also considered delicious in the world, namely Java coffee.

As reported eHow, Monday (1/23/2012), cups of java is a delicious coffee in the world but is one of the sources of the world's most valuable coffee.

Although not described in the specification of other types of beverages in the world that is equally refreshing but somehow Java coffee can be said to be delicious in the world.

Perhaps because of the origin of the coffee of Java to be famous throughout the world. He explained again when the island of Java is one of several islands in Indonesia are growing coffee plants. Initially, the term Java coffee at Arabica coffee identified.

Production of coffee in Java was already done from the year 1696 with the first coffee plantation in the era's most suskses kolokial Europe run by the Dutch East India company, therefore the island of Java led the world in coffee production process even it is still the largest production in the world, although in fact that Indonesia remains the third largest coffee producer in the world.

Expresses again, in terms of geography after the Dutch Java Coffee pleasures tempt, the kings of France were also introduced Java coffee slowly through the Caribbean mainland, and that's how Java coffee production began to spread to South America, even now citizens of the United States called coffee in America comes from Java.

Not only that, in America were almost all processed foods from coffee, using Java coffee.

Then came the question? why only the most delicious Java coffee in the world when various types of coffee in Indonesia is very much and also not less comfortable with Java coffee.

According to him, Java coffee has low acidity combined with soil conditions, air temperature, weather and humidity. Java Coffee Arabica is also very famous for its age, which when stored acidity of the coffee of Java will be minor.

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