Mini-Wardrobe Fave: The Striped Shirt

I LOVE fashion.

The Striped Shirt.
As you already know, I do not condone fashion's ephemeral reputation, or "fast fashion"'s environmental impact. But I do get excited about finding new ways to rethink my (mostly used) wardrobe season after season.

The Zero Waste lifestyle is about re-training ourselves to consume intelligently, just as it is about letting creativity bring excitement into everyday activities, including fashion!

I used to think that each season, trendy clothes needed to be purchased in order to have "style". I now believe that style is something that we (already) own, pair with flair and wear with dare (confidence). Women are often afraid to pare down their wardrobes by fear of losing options, yet they also complain of having closets full of "nothing to wear". I have come to learn that only decluttering makes options clear and easy.

Need a creativity boost? Fashion magazines aim at inciting new purchases, but if you can diligently "read between the lines", they provide an incredible source of fresh ideas and pairings for a mini-wardrobe (they are available at libraries and thrift stores).

I am halfway to April 15th and I did recently add a brown leather belt to tie me over ($1 at the thrift store) but I must say, I am having great fun with my wardrobe this winter. And to prove to the skeptical that a minimal wardrobe is the opposite of "constricting" or "boring", I played stylist and photographed some of my favorite "tried and tested" looks. I had so much fun doing this that I decided to start a series called Mini-Wardrobe Fave, which will showcase 10 outfits designed around a favorite item of my simple, cross-seasonal and versatile wardrobe!

Today, I am sharing my love for: The Striped Shirt. It adds visual interest and goes with literally all of my bottoms (6), dresses (3), jackets (4) and a sweater (see below). Now, please do not ask me for the brand of the shirt: That is not the point of this exercise. Just like oatmeal is oatmeal in the bulk aisle, a striped shirt is a striped shirt in the closet: Who cares what brand it is ;).

1. Under a long blue sweater (used here as a sweater dress)
2. Under the "family blazer", with grey shorts and lacy footless tights.

3. Over a red strapless dress, and accessorized with Scott's chunky scarf

4. Under an LBD (sheath)

5. Under a maroon vintage leather jacket and over grey skinny's

6. With flare jeans and chunky heels

7. With a short skirt and chunky sweater (made by moi!)

8. Under a denim shirt dress

9. Under a long-sleeve tee shirt dress and paired with leggings or tights or both (depending on exterior temps)

10. The dressier version: Tucked into a leather skirt.
No, I won't be wearing this outfit this winter, but I could not resist including it... it's a rainy day and I dream of sailing the Turkish coast...

Do you wear stripes?

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