More UK Council Tax Threats

Well, here we are again - more fuckwittery from South Glos Council regarding Council Tax. They just don't get it do they? Anyway, see below their latest email and my replies. (I guess you'l need to read this from the bottom up as it were!)

Threats threats and more threats. Lets' see if they begin extradition proceedings or ask the US to send me to Gitmo - I'm shitting myself laughing!!!!!

South Glos has never cooperated with me regarding the abovetherefor I have no wish to cooperate with it. Also, I do not reside at xxxxxxxxxxx and my whereabouts are private and are no business of yours.

Furthermore, go take your threats of “bankruptcy proceedings”and “committal to prison” to some other easily intimidated poor sap who maytake you seriously – I don’t!  

Council Tax legislation is a statute that only has force byconsent.  For the record, I have no wish to be bothered by you again nordo I consent to any of your requests. Kindly refrain from emailing/harassing meany further and all communication regarding this or any other matter will ceaseforthwith.

From: Recovery []
Sent: 06 January 2012 08:54
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr xxxxxx

Please confirm your alternative contact details; property addressand telephone number, and I will contact you by this method rather than thisemail address.

I have an address for you of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so unless Ireceive further contact I may send correspondence to you care of this property.

As the Council has been unable so far to make payment arrangementswith you I regret the next step will either be bankruptcy proceedings or anapplication to the Magistrates Court for committal to prison, as per currentCouncil Tax legislation. To avoid this course of action I need an arrangementfrom you to clear the balance outstanding.

In the circumstances I would begrateful for your cooperation on this matter and look forward to hearing fromyou as a matter of urgency so that we may resolve this situation without theneed for the above course of action.
Yours sincerely
Tel 01454 xxxxxxxx.

From: xxxxx
Sent: 05 January 2012 21:30
To: Recovery
Subject: RE: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxx

Do not email me again. This email address is private and you donot have my consent to use it.

Thank you

From: Recovery []
Sent: 05 January 2012 17:42
To: xxxxxxx
Subject: Council Tax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DearMr xxxxxxxxxxx

Pleasecontact me as a matter of urgency regarding unpaid council tax at thisproperty.

Failure to do so will leave the council with no option but to instigateproceedings to recover the balance outstanding.


Mr xxxxxxxx
SeniorRecovery Officer
Tel:01454 xxxxxxx

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