New version on the BlackBerry WhatsApp More Fresh

New version on the BlackBerry WhatsApp More Fresh, Applications instant messaging (IM) most popular cross-platform, WhatsApp, will get the latest updates to BlackBerry devices. Later, WhatsApp for BlackBerry has a different view.

Although the market share BlackBerry product is currently sluggish, but WhatsApp still consider platform made ​​by Research In Motion is. WhatsApp January Koum CEO, said they remain committed to maintaining the quality and continue to make updates to BlackBerry, BlackBerry users is very important because for WhatsApp.

The novelty of updates to BlackBerry WhatsApp this is the user interface that looks fresher and cleaner than previous versions. Still there are five tabs in this latest version, ie chats, favorites, contacts, status, and settings.

On the right top there is "context button", whose function will vary depending on the tab that is opened.

If you are on the tab "Chat", then "context button" will be changed to a button to start a new chat. If you are on the "Settings", then "context button" will turn into a button to add friends. "Context button" will change every time you are on a different tab.

If you trace the history of WhatsApp, this application was first made for the iPhone. WhatsApp continue to be developed to be called a cross-platform IM application of the most successful because it can be used for the Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

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