No Need More Ritual "Reinstall"

No Need More "Reinstall" on Windows 8, Microsoft will provide the Reset button (cleaning) and Refresh (freshener) on the newest operating system, Windows 8, the final version scheduled to be released this summer.

This feature is an imaging facility of Windows 8, which is operated by running the file "recimg.exe". Refresh and Reset Features in Windows 8 is more or less the same with software Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

Both of these new features will eliminate reinstall ritual that must be done when Windows (earlier versions) with problems, get the virus, or been very slow.

If you feel a slow computer performance, or full of malware, then you can use the Refresh feature to refresh your OS Windows 8. This feature is only erase certain data, do not remove the personal data and configuration data that already exist, such as network configuration, Bitlocker, and personalized desktop.

Refresh feature can be done in two ways. First, how to remove it quickly, or use the quick mode. Second, thoroughly remove or erase mode through which random data from the hard disk. This feature greatly facilitates the novice user if a computer virus.

Reset feature can be used to restore like-new computer operating system was first installed. Of course, the features Reset will erase all applications and data. Computers like something out of the factory, there is absolutely no data in there.

Reset feature is very beneficial for those who want to sell computers that use Windows 8.

It did not take long
Microsoft claims, these two features work quickly and will not be time-consuming user. For the Reset feature, you only takes six minutes. While the Refresh feature that can be done in two modes, would require a different time. Refresh with a quick mode only takes 8 minutes. While reloading with through mode takes more time, 24 minutes.

Both of these features much facilitated in tablet devices, both based on Android and IOS. If the operating system Windows Phone and Windows 8 for mobile devices want to be successful in the market, then Microsoft should also provide both these features.


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