PHOTO: Boy incarnated god Ganesha in Nepal

PHOTO: Boy incarnated god Ganesha in Nepal, A 6-year-old Nepalese boy named Sambeg Shakya was ordained by the local pastor as the incarnation god Ganesha.

Because of this honor, Sambeg must be willing to take the time to act as the god in a number of rituals and religious festivals in Nepal.

Sambeg will undergo his role until he was old enough to ride a man-drawn chariots. After that, he must return to real life. See her picture here

Ganesha is one deity known as the god of knowledge and intelligence. Because knowledge is known as a god, Ganesha became the symbol of one of the leading universities in Indonesia, namely ITB. In addition, Ganesha is also believed to be the protector god, god Bala repellent or disaster and the god of Wisdom.

Painting and sculpture are found in various parts of India including Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. In the reliefs, sculptures and paintings, he often depicted the elephant-headed, four-armed and body fat. He is also known by the name Ganapati, Winayaka and Pilleyar.

In the tradition of puppet shows, he called Bhatara Gana, and is considered one of the sons of Lord Guru (Shiva). Various sects of Hinduism worship regardless of class. Worship of Ganesa far-reaching spread to the people of Jaina, Buddhist, and outside India.
•source: VIVAnews

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