Photo of Sheila Marcia revealed Naughton

Photo of Sheila Marcia revealed Naughton, An odor news hit sitcom actress Sheila Marcia. Starting in 2012, some naughty photos Sheila unfolded by someone named Nina Martha via Twitter with @ Neen_martha account.

Surprisingly, dozens of photos on display Sheila naughty Nina through her ​​account. Photographs allegedly taken with a cell phone that shows some of the side Sheila had never known before.

The photos uploaded since the late 2011 start seemed to deliberately uploaded to a certain motive. This can be seen from the many comments oblique Nina when posting pictures.

Even with the uploader deliberately to mention the images to your Twitter account several national media and infotainment, such as,, and news Kabari. Whether what he had in mind Nina Martha mind that using an avatar photo illustrated a black cat with eyes sharp. To be sure, Nina seemed upset with Sheila.

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