Pregnant Angelina Jolie is rumored Young

Pregnant Angelina Jolie is rumored Young, Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie was rumored to return two entities. He was even rumored to have been pregnant 3 months. When out of the house with her ​​three children, Siloh (5), Knox (3), and his adopted son, Pax (8), Jolie did not try to cover the belly.

As quoted by page of The Sun, 36-year-old actress, deliberately showing her belly. Wearing a tight black skirt with matching blouse color, Jolie looks casually walking down a market in Los Angeles. His stomach looks more bloated than ever.

Gossip about the news pregnant with her seventh also been approached Jolie last year. The issue comes amid a busy life as a director. Jolie, who was rumored to be pregnant at a young Hungarian.

The news about Jolie's pregnancy was first published in the Star. The magazine said Jolie showing off her belly that looks more bloated than usual when he was in Budapest, Hungary, along with Brad Pitt and six children.

One of his relatives said Pitt's presence in Budapest is to accompany the couple's life. He is keeping tight for allegedly star Jolie movie 'Salt' were the two entities.

"He did not want to miss the Jolie pregnancy. Trust me this will be more festive," he said as quoted from DigitalSpy.

However, rumor was immediately denied by the artist happy lipped section. Through their representatives, Jolie denied rumors about her pregnancy. (umi)
•source: VIVAnews

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