Rihanna enjoy a workout in the early hours. He also uses the services of a sports fitness instructor, Ary Nunez, who are ready to train him, whenever he mengubungi the instructor within 24 hours for seven days.

Nunez said the Barbados-born singer who has been practicing with him for four years was very faithful to keep the body slim and hardness. Therefore, further Nunez, Rihanna can reach him any time he needs to guide him Nunez services fitness exercise. "Working with an artist like Rihanna have needs that are different from most people," said Nunez. "We practiced when he is ready ... even if we were on the road (on tour) and at 2:00 o'clock. I am ready to be accessed 24 hours seven days," he continued.

Throughout the exercise sessions, the 23-year-old star tighten the muscles of the core with a series of exercises martial arts, dance, and aerobics. Nunez, who has worked with a number of celebrities, reveals that the owners of real hair Brunet underwent exercise it more because he liked it than because he needed it.

"Rihanna is so connected with her body. It is usual before exercising because it is part of its responsibilities. But now, he is working out because he liked it," said Nunez told Shape magazine. "We focus on the core muscles and we do a lot of repetition," he said again.


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