Stars 'Harry Potter' Hate Each Other?,

 The Harry Potter films, the third star, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson is described as three friends who are always compact. They go hand in hand and supporting each other.

However, it was not seen in real life. All three relationships are not as close as what is shown in the film is successful.

"There is a picture of Emma, Grint and myself as a good friend and always hang out together," Radcliffe said as quoted by the Mirror.

However, Radcliffe did not think so. Starring 'Harry Potter' even without hesitation stated, he and Grint does not have a close relationship as depicted in the film. He admits that he hardly ever spoken with Grint.

"Me and Emma are still often send short messages. But with Grint I never send SMS. We also have never met each other," he said.

Reportedly, they hated each other with each other. However, Radcliffe denied. He said that still likes to greet a short while when they met at an event.

"If I meet every six months or more, most just say 'hello'. How are you, at least that's all," he said. (eh)
•source: VIVAnews

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