System Center 2012, Private Cloud Services from Microsoft.

System Center 2012, Private Cloud Services from Microsoft. No later than mid-year 2012, Microsoft promised to provide cloud computing services (cloud computing) with a focus on Private Cloud on Demand. Service called System Center 2012 is targeting users of the business in Asia. Indonesia is one country that could soon adopt cloud services from Microsoft.

Cloud services is arguably similar to those belonging to the old players in the business cloud, VMware. According to Microsoft, the services they offer this cloud does have a resemblance with VMware, but claim their products have several advantages that its competitors do not possess it and the price was mentioned more competitive services.

The advantages of this service than its competitors is that these services are "open platform" that enables the integration between the various virtualization. Not only the virtualization of Microsoft WM-supported service, but also from other vendors such as VMWare and Citrix.

"When do data center virtualization, of course each company has different virtual machines. Services System Center 2012 allows all virtualization can be adopted to this Microsoft private cloud," added Aries.

In addition, this service can also be run from a variety of operating systems, not necessarily Microsoft's operating systems, namely Windows. Operating systems like Linux can also operate this service.

Cloud services from Microsoft is enabling companies to build and serve yourself. There are two options provided to Microsoft, which provides training to IT companies and IT resources then it will build and manage their own cloud system, or Microsoft directly assist in the configuration and then gives the opportunity to manage enterprise IT resources their own private cloud.

Microsoft also provides a service to the application level that helps companies "serve yourself". In one application, companies can construct and manage the cloud to diverse data centers, infrastructure, and service providers.

Microsoft System Center 2012 has two types of licenses, namely the Standard Version and Version Data Center. "For the standard version, the license is limited only to two VM (virtual machine) on any one server (physical) and apply multiplication. If you have four VM but have only one server, it is calculated is the sum of its WM. You have to buy two standard package version. While the Data Center Version, the VM was not limited to, "said Aries Triwahyudi, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft, when found at the Microsoft office Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (19/01/2012).

Thus, Aries suggests for companies that will develop its data center to immediately take the package Version Data Center, which provides a license for the virtual machine in an infinite amount.

Microsoft System Center 2012 has 8 components in one package of products, namely: Application Controller, Operations Manager, Orchestrator, Service Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager, Endpoint Protection, and Configuration Manager.

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