This is the actress "Biker" Sexiest

For some the eyes of men, a woman will look much more sexy if you can "drag" on the bike. It is rather rare in the real world, but many of the names of the Hollywood actress who plays a "biker" on the silver screen. Their action in the film as if presenting something different adventure for the audience.

Well, want to know the names of actresses who look very sexy time plays a "biker"?

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You would never hear Carrie-Ann Moss who plays Trinity in the movie "trilogy" Matrix Reloaded. With a black dress, Moss gush Ducati 996 race against the criminals. Thanks to its action, Moss occupy nine warning list actress who looks sexy on a bike.

"I have a tremendous fear on the motorcycle and became a big challenge to ride it every day for practice. The biggest fear was, in my opinion ... to die," explains Moss described his experiences while filming the movie's box office.

Two Cat Woman actress, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway compete rated seven. Beauty of these women no doubt and the jury is rather difficult to compare the two and decided they were on the same level. Berry in action through the Ducati Monster in the movie Catwoman while Hathaway futuristic motorhome in the last episode of Batman "The Dark Knight Rises," Christopher Nolan's new film will be launched this summer.

Top 5

In the fifth there is Megan Fox who plays Mikaela Banes in the Transformers movie "Revenge of the Fallen". In one scene, this brown-haired woman pick up her lover Shia LaBeouf uses sport bike Aprilia 125. On top of Fox, there is Angelina Jolie, who starred in "Tomb Raider" as Lara Croft. Sensual-lipped woman is known to be close to the motorcycle, even in this movie without much action dilakukkannya stuntman (stuntman).

Ranked second, Jessica Alba starring in the television series Dark Angel as Max Guevara. In the film series by director James Cameron, Alba became a super soldier who often use the motorcycle in action. The woman who was ranked third as 100 girls for the sexiest AHM was admitted as a "biker" in his personal life.

"I really like motocross, but 'not' too good. I like the cocky and too confident when tau could injure the neck. It has never been high jump, but on a motorcycle is the most enjoyable activities," beber Alba.

While ranked first and won the title as the sexiest actress who acted as "biker" in the film is Ann-Margret Olsson who plays Kelly in the movie "The Swinger". For those of you who grew up in the era of the 90s, maybe not too familiar with Margret, but this woman had become an icon in the era of the 60 sexy '70s.

In this film, Margret riding Triumph T100C Tiger in action. Kecintannya on motorcycles not just in movies but in the real world and had become a star television commercials Triumph motorcycles in the 1960s.

So gemarnya drive motor, in 2000, at age 59, Margret had an accident resulted in three broken ribs. A year later (2001) he appeared on the famous television show Larry King Show and said, still likes to ride motorcycles. "(Driving with the motor) is everything for me. There are two types of bikers, one who never had an accident and which will have an accident," said Margret.

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