Thousands of Mini Cooper Will Drawn

Thousands of Mini Cooper Will Drawn, The emergence of complaints about the fire when their car was parked or left alone, and the other drivers say see smoke and sparks on the roof of the car as being behind the wheel, making BMW the maker of the Mini Cooper will pull back the Mini, as reported by of various media in (1.17).

Now BMW is focusing its investigation on the type Cooper S and John Cooper Works created in March 2006 to January 2011.

Production parts said the possibility of errors occurred in the computer circuitry that controls the turbocharger cooling system. If the circuit is broken, can trigger a fire at the water pump that allows the fire in the engine.

So far only 7 cars were reported damaged in the UK, with two more are in the investigation and monitored by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). In the U.S. recorded 12 accidents was found.

Possible BMW Mini will attract around 235,000 worldwide. And most importantly, if you are a user Mini Cooper received the letter, just go straight to the dealer to get a new water pump if it turns out the problem.

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