Windows 8 400 000 Can Use Android Applications

Windows 8 400 000 Can Use Android Applications, Android Applications like honey attract bees. After RIM says there will be an Android application on the BlackBerry Playbook, this time "bee" a new Windows 8 will be able to run Android applications.

However, the embed Android applications on Windows 8 is not official from Microsoft, but from a third party. Is an application that allows the device either BlueStack PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 can run thousands of applications from the Android Market.

In the exhibition electronics Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, the BlueStacks has announced that they would make some kind of App Player is capable of running all applications on the Android device with Windows 8, in 2012 this.
BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma, praising the beauty of the Metro user interface User Interface (UI Metro) used in Windows 8. Even so, Sharma assess the number of applications on Windows 8 is still very minimal, considering that Windows 8 is not only destined for a computer course, but also for smartphones and tablets.

On this basis BlueStacks make Android App Player is an application that aims to fill the gap in Windows 8. This means there will be 400,000 more Android applications that can run on Windows 8.

Player app will be integrated with the Metro UI-style tile, so the application Android seen together on the Microsoft platform.
BlueStacks promising App Player will be available in beta form in February 2012. While the launch date of the final version has not been determined, but mentioned the longest mid-2012.
Last year, BlueStacks has released an application called Apps-on-PC which allows thousands of Android applications can be accessed via personal computer (PC)-based Windows.

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