Women & Sculpture Appointed Bodies of Concordia

Women & Sculpture Appointed Bodies of Concordia, More than a week of tragedy shipwreck of a luxury cruise ship, Costa Concordia, the divers continue to search for 20 victims are still missing.

The effort comes amid dangers of leaking fuel, and the threat will ship from the reef off the prop and then plunged into the deep seafloor.

On Saturday, January 21, 2011 afternoon, they found the death toll to 12. As published CNN, female victims, using life jackets, were found in the area of ​​water terdendam ship. So says Francesca Maffini, a spokesman in charge of the search for survivors, Franco Gabrielli.

Gabrielli warned, the task ahead evacuation of casualties will be more complicated and frightening. Therefore, it takes about 45 minutes to trace a single cabin, using special cameras and deploying divers. Though the giant ship had cabin 1500.

Not only save people, teams also evacuated statue of the Virgin Mary as high as 1 meter vessel that was in the chapel. The statue was submerged up to his shoulders, but still intact.

Rescuer of the fire department with a towel wrapped around the statue, using a nylon belt, so as not to damage when pulled.

One charge of the search revealed the reason why the statue was rescued, although there were 21 victims who are still missing.

"When we entered the church after the earthquake which devastated L'Aquila, we always find sacred objects," said Fabio, as published by Reuters on Sunday, January 22, 2012. Religious symbols is an important thing for the people of Italy.

Besides the search for victims, about who was most responsible is now a concern in the incident. Parties who are accused of ship's captain, Francesco Schettino. Now he was undergoing detention and facing charges of layered: murder, sunken ships, and ignore the ship.

Radio recordings revealed the Italian newspaper, Repubblica reveals that the captain at the beginning of the incident looks convincing.

In the tape, the Coast Guard asked the captain, how many people have been evacuated from the ship. "About two to three thousand people," said Schettino.

The Coast Guard asked again, if all people would be evacuated, or is there anything that remains in the vessel. Schettino replied, "I'll stay in the boat."

Other audio recordings released previously, showing the facts otherwise. Schettino not stay on the ship, but leave the ship and its passengers are panicking despite being forced back to the authorities.
source: vivanews

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